Got more pics from this weekend

Ed Fn Andrews

Thanks to everyone who came out for the show


Ride to Skate!

Hey guys i just wanted to say i had a great time riding with you guys and im glad i came along. The trip was awesome and the riding was great. There were numerous oppurtunities to get lost out on the road! Everything from the quick yard sale raid in connecticut to the adrenaline rushing lane splitting in nyc after getting pissed at traffic. So again i had a great time and im sure theres many more epic trips to come!

Philly trip

I'm just going to start off saying, what an amazing trip. Glad we all made it back with out any problems. No break downs, no accidents, and no problems.

I didn't get to take alot of pics cause I was either riding or taking in all that was around me. Meet alot of good people, and having some good times. Like to thank the Lowside mag guys and the Death Science guys for the award we got for longest ride!

And as for my friends who were on this journey glad we are home to talk about the experience we had, and the awesome stories of riding miles away from the city only to find no where to camp out and the awesome lane splitting we did all the way from NJ thru NY. Ride to Skate 2012!


Ride to Skate

So today is the day Pete, Lou and myself ride down to Philly. Got our bikes and ourselves ready to go. Pics to be loaded along the way


Ride to skate!

Just finished building a sassy bar for my sportster! Gonna make for a much nicer ride. Pictures to follow...



This Saturday. At Honey Badgers garage.